Dead Sexy (2001) starring Shannon Tweed, John Enos III, Sam J. Jones, Mary Shannon, Maria Mayenzet directed by Robert Angelo Movie Review

Dead Sexy (2001)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Shannon Tweed in Dead Sexy (2001)

Dead Loss

When a series of attractive hookers show up dead detective Kate McBain (Shannon Tweed) quickly picks up on the similarities which her chauvinistic male colleague Rackles (Sam J. Jones) misses. Like a dog with a bone Kate can't let go of the case despite the men in the precinct making it tough for her. But then Kate meets Blue Dresden (John Enos III) a handsome man who may be more connected to the case than she could imagine.

Why do I do it, why do I put on a movie which I know is going to be terrible and not even enjoyable? Maybe I need to seek help but I keep on doing it and when I put on "Dead Sexy" I knew that there was only going to be a slim chance that this movie would be any good. I suppose how good it is depends on what you are hoping for and I am sure there will be some teenage boys who seek out this movie because they have heard it features sex scenes who will think it is great whilst those hoping for story excitement and decent characters will be disappointed.

So let me put this simply, before 15 minutes are up there have already been 3 sex scene in "Dead Sexy" in fact it doesn't even waste anytime as it opens with a sex scene which culminates with the woman in a robe being thrown over a balcony and into the pool where lo and behold the robe has started to come off so we see her topless for a few more scenes. As you can guess the rest of the movie whilst serving up this crime story relies heavily on the soft erotic to try and keep you involved as the crime solving certainly does little with McBain inevitably finding herself getting to close for comfort.

As for the acting well this is simple as Shannon Tweed is forgettable as her character is ordinary whilst Sam J. Jones looks a lot like Patrick Warburton but with terrible hair. In fact beyond the sex scenes which are not that erotic it is Jones' hair which makes the most impact.

What this all boils down to is that if you watch "Dead Sexy" expecting anything close to an entertaining thriller will find themselves instantly bored. But those looking for soft erotica might find it a tiny bit distracting.