Deepwater (2005) Lucas Black, Peter Coyote, Ma Maestro, Lesley Ann Warren, Xander Berkeley, Jason Cerbone, Michael Ironside, Kristen Bell Movie Review

Deepwater (2005)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Lucas Black in Deepwater (2005)

A Finch in Deepwater

After recovering from an ankle injury Nat Banyon (Lucas Black - Jarhead) continues on his journey to Wyoming where he dreams of setting up an Ostrich farm. But not only does he end up in a bar room brawl and stealing a car but he ends up getting arrested. Fortunately hotel owner Herman Finch (Peter Coyote - A Walk to Remember) sorts out the mess for him and gives him a room at his hotel in return for doing some odd jobs around the place. It is at the hotel that Nat becomes obsessed with Iris (Mía Maestro - The Ten Commandments), Herman's sexy wife whilst discovering that Herman is a corrupt loan shark with a dirty finger in various pies. But after Nat decides to move on he not only finds Iris coming on to him but learns the truth as to what is going on in Deepwater.

"Where is this going?" That is the question which continuously ran through my mind whilst watching "Deepwater" and it is very much the mystery of what this is building up to which keeps you watching. As such the movie seems to be leading you in one direction as we watch Nat end up working for Finch who we quickly begin to realise is the man in power around Deepwater with a lot of say when it comes to the law and what goes on be it legitimate business or something corrupt. The whole thing is leading us down the path of Finch using Nat and forcing him to not just be an odd job man but also fight in the ring for him and with Nat obsessed with Finch's wife you expect at some point he may try to take revenge.

Peter Coyote in Deepwater (2005)

But whilst all this is going on we get to see various things such as the quirkiness of the local people in the town of Deepwater with Finch himself being a prankster. We also get a series of what appear to be unexplained and unconnected events which add to the quirkiness of what is happening and reinforce that feeling that where "Deepwater" seems to be heading may not be where it will end up. And no I won't tell you where it does end up because this is one of those movies which is all about the outcome and as such it is also a movie which once you've watched it you probably won't feel like you will need to watch it again.

Now "Deepwater" should be all about Lucas Black as Nat, unfortunately Lucas Black doesn't deliver the captivating character needed to make it work. Instead what you have is Peter Coyote delivering it large as Herman Finch to try and bring some personality to various scenes and yes he makes Finch a quirky character although not a memorable one. In fact there is little about any of the acting or characters in "Deepwater" which is memorable.

What this all boils down to is that when you start watching "Deepwater" you can't stop because you want to know where it is going and it ends. But it isn't the sort of movie which you will find yourself wanting to watch more than once.