Run to Me (2016) (aka: Running for Her Life) Claire Forlani, Michelle Nolden, Mike Shara, Amanda Tilson, Arnold Pinnock, George Tchortov Movie Review

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Claire Forlani in Run to Me (2016) (aka: Running for Her Life)

Getting Pushy

After an accident which even the doctors were not sure if she would ever walk again, Alison Wynn (Claire Forlani - Ice 2020) is now a triathlete determined to not just compete but win. It is why she seeks out the controversial Dr. Laura Stevens (Michelle Nolden - Come Dance with Me) whose peak performance training methods, whilst getting results, have some questioning whether she was responsible for the death of another triathlete who she had been training. Despite initially being turned down, Dr. Stevens' ends up taking Alison on as a client and uses hypnosis to try and unlock some deep issues surrounding her mother's suicide. But the more time that Alison spends with Laura the more changed she becomes with her husband and daughter ending up playing second fiddle to what ever Laura wants. With every passing day it seems like they are losing her and Laura is doing what ever it takes to have Alison all to herself.

New skin on old bones is what "Run to Me" is, which I should mention is also know as "Running for Her Life". By that I mean that whilst the story of a triathlete wanting to improve by hiring a specialist trainer is different the story of the trainer ending up taking over her life to the point of brainwashing her and doing some scary stuff to those who threaten to spoil what she has created is pretty typical. So basically whilst we get to watch Laura manipulate the already driven Alison you know that at some point people are going to end up in danger for questioning Laura's intentions. And when it comes to a snooping reporter, played by Arnold Pinnock, well chances are he will either end up dead or be a hero because that is how these sort of characters play out.

Michelle Nolden in Run to Me (2016) (aka: Running for Her Life)

The thing is that despite being built on some routine, TV movie thriller bones "Run to Me" is still kind of entertaining. Part of that is down to the slightly unusual aspect of having someone trying to improve athletically but the movie also has an attractive look. Yes by that I mean there are no ugly people in this movie with both Claire Forlani and Michelle Nolden having a strong visual appeal. But in fairness everyone in "Run to Me" plays their parts well it is just that like so many TV movies you will end up forgetting the characters and the movie in general within days of watching.

What this all boils down to is that "Run to Me" does have some nice ideas when it comes to the story but at the same time it is also a by the book made for TV thriller which doesn't stray far from the usual formula when it comes to a manipulative, obsessed character who is dangerous.