Destination Wedding (2017) Movie Review

Destination Wedding (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Alexa PenaVega and Jeremy Guilbaut in Destination Wedding (2017)

Going Bridal Down in Acapulco

Ellie (Alexa PenaVega - Enchanted Christmas), an interior designer, was there when Jason (Andrew Dunbar) proposed to her little sister, Mandy (Andrea Brooks), having helped create the most romantic setting for it to take place in. And she finds herself helping her sister when it comes to the wedding in Acapulco. But with neither Mandy nor Jason having turned up yet Ellie finds herself working with his best man to organize everything who just happens be her former boyfriend, Greg (Jeremy Guilbaut - Summer in the Vineyard). Despite agreeing just to work together for the good of the wedding it seems there are still feelings between them despite Ellie having a boyfriend, Alec (Preston Vanderslice - Mr. Write), a contractor. On top of that Jason and Mandy may not even make it to their wedding having missed their flight and had a blazing row.

If you are a Hallmark movie virgin I reckon that "Destination Wedding" would probably be quite enjoyable as we have a former couple forced to work together to try and not just organize a friend/ sisters wedding but also salvage the bride and grooms relationship as they have some pre-wedding problems. There is some chalk n cheese style comedy as they disagree over things but we also have some romance as they share some tender moments together as the truth about why they broke up comes out. And of course when old feelings start to be aroused we have the complications with not only Ellie's family preferring Greg but her career focused boyfriend Alec shows up which leads to Ellie becoming conflicted over her feelings as he isn't into weddings.

But if you are a fan of Hallmark movies every thing I have just mentioned will be incredibly familiar. Unfortunately whilst the Acapulco setting is different and, as of writing, Alexa PenaVega is not one of those actresses who had made a lot of these Hallmark romantic comedies none of it really sparks in to life to make "Destination Wedding" a memorable Hallmark movie. Sadly this generally feels like one of those Hallmark Channel movies which is only going through the motions.

What this all boils down to is that "Destination Wedding" ends up a routine Hallmark romantic comedy, hitting the usual comic notes when it comes to bickering ex's and so on. But it does feel like it has been made on auto-pilot when it comes to pretty much everything about it.