Finding Santa (2017) Jodie Sweetin, Eric Winter, Brenden Sunderland, Karen Holness, Jay Brazeau, Karen Kruper, Laura Mitchell, Ava Telek, Dolores Drake Movie Review

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Jodie Sweetin and Eric Winter in Finding Santa (2017)

Doing What Brings You Joy

It's not only the 50th anniversary of the Green River Christmas parade, which Grace's (Jodie Sweetin - Defending Santa) grandparents started, but thanks to Grace's love of Christmas, she runs an all year Christmas shop, this year's parade is going to appear on morning TV. But Grace has an issue as her regular Santa, Tom (Jay Brazeau - Hats Off to Christmas!), is injured which puts him out of action just a week before the parade and so she needs to find a replacement Santa at short notice. And her only hope is to convince Tom's son, Ben (Eric Winter - The Ugly Truth), to stand in for his father, which is easier said than done as not only does Ben work in Boston as a writer but unlike his parents and Grace he doesn't love Christmas. But as the two of them end up spending time together they both begin to question whether or not they are both doing what truly brings them joy.

Often when I watch a Hallmark Christmas movie I find my note taking turning more in to review writing as their predictable yet pleasant nature makes them easy to watch and predict how they will end. But as I sat here watching "Finding Santa" I found myself waiting to find out one thing because I couldn't be certain whether or not there would be a bit of a magical Santa twist to things when the ending arrived. Now I won't spoil it for you but what that means is that there is definitely two sides to "Finding Santa" with the obvious being that romantic side as Grace and Ben spend time together and of course find themselves becoming close. And the less obvious being the Santa side of things especially as Tom runs a Santa school and takes the whole thing of being a Santa very seriously.

Of course there are the usual other things which fill up "Finding Santa", with this being a Hallmark Christmas movie there are lots and lots of beautiful decorations as well as snow covered streets. On top of that we also have a Christmas parade which whilst short is also expectedly very festive. But alongside the attractive pairing of Jodie Sweetin and Eric Winter this is a Hallmark Christmas movie which has a bit of a message with both Grace and Ben looking at their lives and questioning whether or not they are really doing what brings them joy.

What this all boils down to is that "Finding Santa" is a pleasant little Hallmark Christmas movie which is a nice festive movie for putting you in to the swing of things. But whilst it is also a Christmas movie with a message it isn't one of those truly special Hallmark Christmas movies which feature that little bit of extra Christmas magic to make them stand out.

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