Forgotten Evil (2017) Masiela Lusha, Kyle McKeever, Angie Teodora Dick, Adrian Bustamante, Jeff Marchelletta, Mario Arturo Castillo, Elizabeth Mariano, Theresa Mariano, Malcolm Matthews Movie Review

Forgotten Evil (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Masiela Lusha in Forgotten Evil (2017)


Renee (Masiela Lusha - Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens) doesn't remember anything, be it her name or what food she likes to eat, in fact the name Renee is one she decided to take having picked it out of a book. But with the hospital having done all they can for her, having been found by a man face down in the water, they have to release her. Thankfully Mariah McKee (Angie Teodora Dick - Planet of the Sharks), the nurse who has been caring for her in the hospital, invites her to stay with her as she continues to try and recover her memory and get use to life in the real world, a life she is not at all confident in despite having therapy sessions with Dr. Evan Michaels (Jeff Marchelletta). The worse thing is that Renee senses someone is stalking her and with the little information the professionals have about how she was found maybe there is someone after her.

So yes "Forgotten Evil" is another made for TV movie, another melodrama featuring a woman dealing with amnesia and trying to make sense of who she is, what happened to her and then also her new life. As such we have Renee who is struggling to remember who she is and what happened to her, although bits and pieces are returning as she has senses that someone is stalking her. She has started dating the incredibly friendly Randy and then there is the therapy sessions with the rather cold Dr. Evan, whose coldness borders on the sinister. So the question is? Is Renee really being stalked or is it a figment of her imagination and maybe Randy or Evan are not helping her like she think they are.

But here is the problem, whilst "Forgotten Evil" is not a badly made movie, there is some atmosphere and reasonable camera work as well as okay acting, it is not in the least bit gripping. The trouble comes from the actual character writing as Renee is one of the least interesting central characters I have come across in a made for TV movie and as such I have to be honest and say whether the character lived or died was not important to me. Even the way Kyle McKeever plays Randy does little to draw us into him even though he is that level of nice which makes him creepy by being too nice.

What this all boils down to is that "Forgotten Evil" just didn't do it for me and ended up the sort of movie which had some interesting ideas, as well as some unusual visuals, but in the end ended up not enthralling in the least.