Taken Too Far (2017) (aka: Deadly Dance Mom) Christina Cox, Beverley Mitchell, Dalton Derek, Doug Murray, Jenna Warren, Jack Fulton, Roger Dunn, Rhys Wyn Trenhaile, Michael James Regan Movie Review

Taken Too Far (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jenna Warren and Beverley Mitchell in Taken Too Far (2017) (aka: Deadly Dance Mom)

Dance Diva Dance

Jeanette Grayson (Christina Cox - My Daughter Is Innocent) always wanted to be famous but it never happened for her, it is why she is hell bent on her teen daughter, Sara (Hailey Kittle), making it as a dancer. She is so determined that she will do anything from blackmailing the handyman to ignoring her lawyer husband, Dean (Doug Murray), when he lays down the law when it comes to her reckless spending and diva attitude. In fact Jeanette has a plan to kidnap her daughter's rival, Melanie (Jenna Warren), except Melanie's mother, Beth (Beverley Mitchell - A Gift Wrapped Christmas), realises what Jeanette is up to and when the police don't believe her has no choice but to takes matters in to her own hands to protect her daughter.

"Taken Too Far", which is also known as "Deadly Dance Mom", starts with an introduction to Jeanette who we see acting selfishly as she drives to her daughter's dance class, cutting up other drivers, speeding and blocking in parked cars instead of finding a proper spot. Sadly no matter how much I like Christina Cox as an actress she delivers Jeanette in such an over the top manner that her diva-ish attitude borders on being comical. And this goes on through out the entire movie as we watch Jeanette lose grip on what reality she had in order for her daughter to win a major dance contest. Truthfully some of it is so bad that it is entertaining such as her blackmailing the hired help who dons a fake moustache at one point.

But then "Taken Too Far" has Beverley Mitchell and we almost start going to the other extreme as Beverley makes Beth not just lovable but adorable, a hard working mother who is trying to raise her daughter right, all on her own. There are parts of this side of the movie which are just as bad such as a determination to get to the dance competition despite going through a trauma. Oh and this certainly gets far fetched, in truth amusingly so, when Beth comes up with a plan right at the end.

What this all boils down to is that "Taken Too Far" is one of those made for TV thrillers which trades on being over the top and in this the over the top nature borders on the entertaining because some of it is simply bad.