Honor Student (2014) Josie Loren, Niall Matter, Shauna Johannesen, Sarah Strange, Enid-Raye Adams, Michael Hogan, Angela Moore, Lisa Durupt Movie Review

Honor Student (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Josie Loren in Honor Student (2014)

Original Ideas Matter to Loren

Having written the best selling novel "Killer Student", Nick Howarth (Niall Matter - Secrets of the Summer House) is struggling to come up with a follow up novel despite the support of his wife Lana (Shauna Johannesen - Fatal Memories), who is pregnant but hasn't told him yet. But that is the least of his worries as Teresa Smith (Josie Loren - 21 & Over), who Nick met when he taught a writing class in a woman's prison, shows up and accuses Nick of stealing her idea for a novel. Angered that he stole her story Teresa sets about making Nick's life a living hell by stalking him and his wife before taking the ultimate revenge for what he did.

The phrase often used is "love hate" but in the case of the TV Movie "Honor Student" I have a "hate that I like it" situation going on. You may ask why and to put it simply there are a lot of things which are ridiculous about "Honor Student" to the point it often feels more like fantasy than a real life thriller. Yet it made me smile and despite frequently smirking due its ridiculousness it I couldn't stop myself watching it.

Niall Matter in Honor Student (2014)

Now "Honor Student" is incredibly simple as it boils down to three things; did Nick intentionally and callously steal Teresa's idea because of his need for success, how far will Teresa go in getting revenge by ruining Nick's life with her psychotic stalking antics and how will this end up as in who ends up dead. That is it but somehow "Honor Student" is strangely engrossing be it Teresa's stalking which frequently sees her breaking in to Nick's home and being flirty with him or leaving condoms lying around to make it look like he is being unfaithful to the fact we see that Nick is pretty handy with a gun. It is seriously far fetched from the way Teresa stalks Nick to the friendliness of the sheriff who tells Nick that Teresa did time for killing a previous teacher yet it makes you smile for at times being so stupid and filled with coincidences and contrivances.

What else is there to say? Well Josie Loren makes for an incredibly sexy and seductive psycho in a strangely girl next door sort of way. In a way Josie Loren is the movie's one real strength because she makes you feel conflicted as on one hand she is a psycho yet on the other she is attractive and she may have been done wrong by so you feel for her. Ironically the innocent party in all this, Lana doesn't really make an impact despite being sympathetically played by Shauna Johannesen.

What this all boils down to is that "Honor Student" is far fetched and has some issues but at the same time the ridiculousness of this psycho, stalker movie is entertaining especially with an enjoyable performance from Josie Loren.