The Sweetheart (2018) (aka: Sex, Lies and Deception) Jessalyn Gilsig, Jon Cor, Hannah Vandenbygaart, Habree Larratt, Scott Gibson, Taveeta Szymanowicz, Michael Gordin Shore, Stephane Garneau-Monten, Richard Nash Movie Review

The Sweetheart (2018)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Hannah Vandenbygaart in The Sweetheart (2018) (aka: Sex, Lies and Deception)

Gold Digging

Following a car accident Jane (Hannah Vandenbygaart - My Daughter Is Innocent) returns home to recuperate even though she isn't happy as not only has her dad, Paul (Scott Gibson - The Perfect Soulmate), moved out but her mother, Samantha (Jessalyn Gilsig - Angels and Ornaments), is already getting friendly with another man, Brian (Jon Cor - The Perfect Girlfriend), who works at a gym. And it gets worse when Samantha decides to move as there is some thing about Brian which unsettles Jane and she is convinced he is up to no good. The question is, what is Brian up to?

Let me break this movie down; we have Brian who likes rich older women and as we learn before the first 30 minutes is over, he Is a gold digger with a track record for dating older women who fall for his charms and end up splashing the cash on him. We have Samantha who has bought in to Brian's good looks and charms whilst her daughter Jane does not trust him, oh and Jane's daddy has a drink problem. That is basically what you get in "The Sweetheart", which is also known as "Sex, Lies and Deception", as Jane grows increasingly suspicious of Brian who we know is up to no good whilst Samantha is oblivious to what he is up to. Unfortunately it is nowhere near enough to draw you in to the unfolding, or more like collapsing, storyline which makes up "The Sweetheart".

Jon Cor in The Sweetheart (2018) (aka: Sex, Lies and Deception)

The biggest problem with "The Sweetheart" is not that the storyline is lacking potential but the characters are so under developed that you never get involved with them. On top of this the production is quite basic and there is no real creativity when it comes to the style of scenes with no creative camera work or editing to pep it up. In truth there are times where if the cast weren't themselves visually appealing this would be the sort of movie you end up walking away from.

What this all boils down to is that "The Sweetheart" ended up being a hugely under whelming movie which never draws you in to the characters or the situation whilst failing to deliver anything close to creative styling to make it thrilling.