Kiss at Pine Lake (2012) Barry Watson, Mia Kirshner, Matty Finochio, Victoria Bidewell, Brennan Elliott, Bill Engvall, Chad Krowchuk, Hrothgar Mathews, Gabrielle Rose Movie Review

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Mia Kirshner and Barry Watson in Kiss at Pine Lake (2012)

Looking at the Past Can Make the Future

As teenagers Zoe (Sarah Desjardins/Mia Kirshner) and Luke (Keenan Tracey/Barry Watson) met at Camp Pine Lake and whilst they never kissed they were sweethearts. But at the end of camp they went their own ways never to see or speak to each other again. 15 years later and Luke has become a secretive philanthropic entrepreneur who has purchased Camp Pine Lake from his Uncle despite the fact it having so many code violations it may have to be closed down, which would suit Luke's business manager, Tommy (Matty Finochio), who would rather Luke hadn't bought it out of sentiment. But then Zoe shows up at Camp Pine Lake and is shocked to discover her teen sweetheart now owns the camp especially because she represents a company which wants to buy the land to develop it, leaving her torn when her boss wants her to use Luke's feelings for her to get him to sell up.

I have come to realise that there comes a point in your life when you start looking back on the past with a growing sense of nostalgia. Now I never went to any summer camp where I had a romance but I do remember my first girlfriend and where we hung out and as I remember those places, including where I nervously kissed her for the first time, it makes me long for the past. Not just long for them days because life was so much simpler as a teenager but because the places I went on dates are disappearing quickly with redevelopments removing them forever.

You probably are wondering what I am on about but it is that warmth you get from nostalgia which is a huge part of the appeal of "Kiss at Pine Lake", that sense of old times which you find yourself yearning for when you reach a certain age. Of course that is clearly not the only thing going on in "Kiss at Pine Lake" as we have a Hallmark movie cliche going on as teen sweethearts reunite years later where one has a secret which of course could toss the proverbial spanner in the works because she doesn't come clean straight away. It is absolutely typical on so many levels and I can see why for some this would be painful but I would bet that for those who find it cheesy now will end up appreciating it later on in life.

There isn't a great deal more to say about "Kiss at Pine Lake" as it is as straight forwards as you can get and the characters are only entertaining on the surface as none of them have any real depth. As such Barry Watson & Mia Kirshner have the right look, the attractive but not unnaturally picture perfect whilst director Michael Scott keeps things ticking over and in fact he handles the movie's only real mystery surrounding Zoe and her parents nicely.

What this all boils down to is that "Kiss at Pine Lake" isn't going to appeal to everyone as it is a mood movie which will work for those who have started to look back at their teen years with a touch of sadness as they long to be able to go back and relive them. But for those in the mood for a warm glow of nostalgia combined with a recognizable romantic storyline this will be a charming experience.