Megachurch Murder (2015) Tamala Jones, Shanica Knowles, Corbin Bleu, Michael Beach, Romeo Miller, Malcolm-Jamal Warner Movie Review

Megachurch Murder (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Shanica Knowles in Megachurch Murder (2015)

Conspiracy in the Church

When her father, the beloved church leader Hamilton Spears (Malcolm-Jamal Warner - A Fare to Remember), is killed whilst out cycling, Hannah (Tamala Jones - Daddy Day Camp) really struggles to deal with his death as having once been the good church girl she turns to drink and finds herself angry at her mum, Martha (Tamala Jones) and the rest of the church, including pastor Clay King (Michael Beach - Pastor Brown). Despite this she finds herself becoming close to Oliver (Romeo Miller), Clay's teenage son, who isn't a big fan of church. But when Hannah looks through her father's office she finds a usb memory stick containing a video from her father which he recorded as he was feeling threatened by Clay who wanted to expand the church and was starting to worry about his own safety. Having started to become convinced that Clay murdered her father she believes others in the church, including her own mum who she saw with Clay, may have helped him.

Let me start with what is right with "Megachurch Murder" and that begins with Michael Beach as he brings a nice level of menace combined with arrogance to the role of Clay, allowing us to suspect that there is a dangerous side to him. But then you also have Corbin Bleu as Marcus, one of Clay's sons, and whilst over the top in his delivery of his character's scheming nature he still brings a touch of danger and menace to his character. And to be honest whilst the storyline to "Megachurch Murder" is convoluted the twists, turns and revelations as Hannah tries to work out if her father was killed by a group within the church ends up being enjoyable.

But whilst I mention some of the right things about "Megachurch Murder" there is a whole lot wrong about it. There is far too much over the top acting which in some cases is less than convincing, such as the two guys playing youth group leaders who are closet homosexuals. But "Megachurch Murder" is the sort of movie where one minute we have the distraught Hannah planning to jump off a bridge, but when Oliver tells her that he loves her they hop in to his car to get their freak on in the middle of the day, right next to the road. That's right there is an incredibly ridiculous side to "Megachurch Murder" and sadly it is the ridiculous side combined with some bad acting which distracts you from what is good and makes it a poor movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Megachurch Murder" certainly has its moments but this is one of those movies where the bad drastically out weighs the good and almost becomes entertaining for the ridiculous and bad stuff.