Deadly Lessons (2017) Christie Burson, Ryan Scott Greene, Christina Cox, Françoise Yip, Sammi Barber Movie Review

Deadly Lessons (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Ryan Scott Greene and Christie Burson in Deadly Lessons (2017)


To her college friends Lisa (Christie Burson - Shadow of Fear) seems to always be getting singled out for not doing her studying by professor Michael Harris (Ryan Scott Greene - Second Chances), but the truth is Lisa and the professor are having a secret relationship. It doesn't stay secret for long and when photographs of the two of them being intimate start being passed around Michael is forced to quit and Lisa decides to quit too, running off with him and getting married despite her mum begging her not to throw her life away. But after moving away, so that Michael can start a new job, Lisa ends up meeting a woman who worked with Michael in Portland and learns that she is not the first student he has been involved with and that she is a dead ringer for one of Michael's previous girlfriend who died. With doubts creeping in Lisa begins to realise that her husband has a violent, controlling side and if she wanted to leave him he wouldn't let it happen.

So in "Deadly Lessons" we have an attractive student who hooks up with her teacher only then to discover he not only has secrets when it comes to his past but he also has an incredibly dark, controlling side. And with just that information you can write the rest of the movie; student digs in to his past, whilst getting in touch with her old friends, then has to deal with his anger issues and then realises she will never be able to leave because her husband is controlling and violent. Sadly "Deadly Lessons" is that basic and whilst there are of course other characters and subplots they don't disguise the familiarity of the basic storyline.

The thing is, and I know I sound like a broken record, but storylines like this one in "Deadly Lessons" do the rounds because each time they are made they are made for a new generation of TV movie fans. As such Christie Burson delivers a pleasant enough take on a familiar character with the camera loving her looks. At the same time Ryan Scott Green brings that danger to Michael's personality so that whilst a lot of the time he is just controlling you suspect he wouldn't be adverse to using violence to get his way and silence those who might cause him trouble.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Lessons" is just a 2017 take on the old storyline of a controlling, psychotic husband made for a new generation of Lifetime movie fans who might have not seen the 2015 or 2013 movies which use a similar storyline.