My Favorite Wedding (2017) Movie Review

My Favorite Wedding (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Paul Greene and Maggie Lawson in My Favorite Wedding (2017)

Wedding Trouble Shooter

Tess Harper (Maggie Lawson - Christmas Encore) is good at sorting out other people's problems and is capable of dealing with most things, including her career as a doctor in Boston. She is also making sure her friend, Amber's (Christine Chatelain - Dater's Handbook), wedding runs smoothly as well as going along with her boyfriend's plans even when at the last minute he pulls out of travelling back to Chicago for the wedding. But in Chicago, and whilst negotiating all the friends and family, Tess finds herself having to deal with Michael (Paul Greene - Christmas in Angel Falls), the best man, as they constantly get pushed together whilst trying to keep things running smoothly since Amber fired the wedding planner. Thing is that as a lawyer Michael is a bit of a wedding cynic which leads to plenty of banter between him and the romantic Tess. But the more time they spend together they find their antagonistic chats starting to be sweet and complimentary which leaves Tess wondering.

About 20 minutes into "My Favorite Wedding" I was almost prepared to jump on the computer and knock out a review because quite simply the usual pieces had been put in place. The woman with a boyfriend in the city, ventures to another town and ends up getting on with a guy who when they first meet their friendship could best be described as antagonistic. In fact "My Favorite Wedding" with a bridesmaid working with a best man when it comes to trying to keep a friend's wedding on track reminded me of the Hallmark movies "Wedding Bells" and "Destination Wedding", along with a few others. I didn't just knock out a quick review I kept watching hoping for something different to come along other than the boyfriend from the city arriving just as Tess and Michael have become close. I won't spoil things for you by saying whether "My Favorite Wedding" manages to come up with anything new or not.

What that means is whether "My Favorite Wedding" is a Hallmark movie which once again relies heavily on the leads appeal and whether or not they spark in an antagonistic yet sweet way. And it has to be said that Maggie Lawson and Paul Greene make a good team with Greene in particular having great timing when it comes to responding to Lawson's lines. But these are typical Hallmark romantic comedy characters and as such whilst pleasant they are also forgettable or at least forgettable till you watch another Hallmark movie which uses a similar storyline at which point you might remember this movie.

What this all boils down to is that "My Favorite Wedding" is really just another typical and enjoyable Hallmark movie which reworks a familiar idea with a few variations not only when it comes to the storyline but also the characters.