Mystery Woman: Redemption (2006) Kellie Martin, Clarence Williams III, Nina Siemaszko, Casey Sander Movie Review

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Mystery Woman: Redemption (2006) Kellie Martin

A Ratzenberger Riddle

Many years earlier Jim Carter (John Ratzenberger) had been to Samantha's (Kellie Martin) book store when her uncle ran it and now having returned to town to help at a homeless shelter pops in and meets Samantha. It is whilst there that a rare book goes missing and Chief Connors (Casey Sander) questions not only Jim but also Tyler Dell (David Lascher) a contractor doing some repair work to the shop and whose father has recently died. But a little while later after Samantha gets to know Jim he is found murdered with a weird shaped hole to the chest and his fingerprints burnt off with acid. It is of course enough to spike Samantha's curiosity with of course Philby (Clarence Williams III) helping her try to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Whilst not the fourth movie in the series "Mystery Woman: Redemption" is the fourth one which I have watched and it is interesting to see how the series has transitioned. It started off a bit awkwardly, then it found its groove going for light and slightly comical but the tone of "Mystery Woman: Redemption" is different again with still a lightness to it but a lot less comedy. Unfortunately it gives it a feel of a production on auto-pilot where the cast and crew were doing what they had done before but not trying to push the boundaries.

As such Kellie Martin delivers that warm, friendly performance as Samantha that has been the backbone of the series whilst Clarence Williams III still delivers that element of matter of fact with just a crack of warmth which makes Philby likeable yet also mysterious. And I could go on because "Mystery Woman: Redemption" is on par with the previous movies character wide even if it is less comical. Interestingly it puts more emphasis on the actual mystery and there is something a bit more engaging surrounding the mystery in this movie with a murder and a military connection.

What this all boils down to is that "Mystery Woman: Redemption" is another enjoyable episode in the "Mystery Woman" series but it isn't as comical as some episodes and feels a little like the series was on auto-pilot.

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