Nothing Lasts Forever (1995) Gail O'Grady, Brooke Shields, Vanessa Williams, Gregory Harrison, Stephen Caffrey, Chris Noth Movie Review

Nothing Lasts Forever (1995)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Gail O'Grady and Brooke Shields in Nothing Lasts Forever (1995)

Melodrama at the Hospital

Paige (Gail O'Grady - Love on Ice), Beth (Brooke Shields - Running Wild) and Kat (Vanessa Williams - The Jacksons: An American Dream) are three friends and also doctors at the same hospital. Beth is extremely good at her job, putting patient's welfare above the risks she faces by putting her career in danger and upsetting the male doctors who dislike it when she proves them wrong. Kat, having suffered violence in her younger years, finds herself being drawn to helping those children who come in to hospital battered and bruised, too scared to stand up for themselves. Both Paige and Kat find themselves in relationships as does Beth, although the men in her life not only want her for her body but tend to be married as well. Things though get tricky for each of the women when Paige finds herself named in the will of a man she was treating who had asked her to help him end his life after he couldn't cope with the pain of cancer. And Kat having tried to intervene when a young child comes in clearly abused leads to an incident which has huge ramifications for the man in her life.

I don't know what I expected when I sat down to watching "Nothing Lasts Forever" as I am not a reader of Sidney Sheldon novels and other opinions were pretty scant as well as basic with the usual dislike coming from many who enjoy novels and feel movies never do them justice. Unfortunately I have to say that after giving up almost 3 hours of my time to "Nothing Lasts Forever" I can't really say it was worth it either as the mix of drama and romance was weak and truthfully it felt all over the place.

That is the problem I have with "Nothing Lasts Forever" because in essence this feels like three romantic melodramas linked together by the three doctors being friends and roommates. As such we have Paige's story which sees her facing arrest over the death of a patient in pain and dying from cancer, she also has a strained friendship to a senior doctor. We then have Kat who falls for another doctor and becomes pregnant whilst also has issues with an abused patient's father. And then we have Beth whose family are renowned doctors but she finds herself in a relationship with the hospital's manager who is married. The thing is that whilst individually these three stories might have worked as drawn out individual romantic dramas, as one movie it feels too convoluted and manufactured.

What this all boils down to is that "Nothing Lasts Forever" ends up a convoluted melodrama due to it simply trying to combine three melodramatic storylines in to one. Maybe for fans of Sidney Sheldon's novels it will be entertaining whilst those who like Gail O'Grady, Brooke Shields and Vanessa Williams might also enjoy it.