The March Sisters at Christmas (2012) Movie Review

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The March Sisters at Christmas (2012) starring Julie Marie Berman, Kaitlin Doubleday, Melissa Farman, Molly Kunz

Annoying Women

When Beth March (Melissa Farman) discovers her mother has called in a realtor to assess the family home, Orchard House, she calls in her sisters; Jo (Julie Marie Berman), Meg (Kaitlin Doubleday) and Amy (Molly Kunz - The Penny) to help prevent the sale of their beloved childhood home. What they learn is that after Christmas their parents plan to sell the home as they can't afford to make all the repairs which need doing so the sisters plan to do the place up over Christmas whilst their parents are away. But on top of doing the place up the sisters have romantic trials and tribulations to deal with including neighbour Teddy (Justin Bruening - Last Vermont Christmas).

If Louisa May Alcott was around now and wrote the classic "Little Women" I doubt it would have ended up like "The March Sisters at Christmas" but I also doubt that if it had been written with modern characters it would end up a classic. Watching modern interpretations of the March sisters with them knocking back booze, jokingly calling each other sluts whilst Teddy next door mentions friends with no benefits and an Uncle goes on about booty calls is incredibly painful. Maybe it is just me, maybe I have been put under the spell of the original "Little Women" but "The March Sisters at Christmas" almost feels sacrilegious.

Now I can appreciate what the intention was and that was simply to take "Little Women" and try and modernize it whilst changing it just enough so that it works in the space of a few weeks rather than years. As such we have Jo being a writer on the internet and Teddy being an app creator whilst the vehicle for what is a lot of romantic comedy is the mishap strewn fixing up of the house. It sort of could work if it didn't try to make the characters not just modern but super modern with their full on attitudes, with Jo being extremely feisty and so on.

Aside from that, well there isn't a great deal to say about "The March Sisters at Christmas" other than we have a lot of visually appealing actors who do make for TV comical and cute. If you put any of these actors in any other made for TV Christmas movie they would be fine but their performances here are too extreme. I am sorry but watching Jo and Meg twerk just doesn't work for me when it comes to the March sisters.

What this all boils down to is that "The March Sisters at Christmas" didn't do it for me as I am a traditionalist and what they have done with Louisa May Alcott's characters bordered on the painful. I guess for those who have never been charmed by the original "Little Women" or any of the movies adaptations might find this amusing at a push.

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