Movie Trailer for Carry on England (1976) starring Kenneth Connor, Windsor Davies, Judy Geeson, Patrick Mower, Diane Langton, Jack Douglas, Joan Sims, Melvyn Hayes, Peter Butterworth, Peter Jones, Johnny Briggs directed by Gerald Thomas Movie Review

Carry on England (1976)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Carry on England

Having been assigned a new base Captain S. Melly (Kenneth Connor - Carry on Behind) is shocked to discover he is in charge of an experimental mixed sex base. He's even more shocked at the lack of discipline as the recruits ignore orders in favour of getting their leg over. Determined to stop the fraternizing Captain Melly sets about making life extremely difficult for the recruits, separating them by barbed wire and basically acting like a little Hitler to try and get his way. ... Read Review

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