Movie Trailer for There's Something About Mary (1998) starring Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller, Lee Evans, Chris Elliott, Lin Shaye, W. Earl Brown directed by Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly Movie Review

There's Something About Mary (1998)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for There's Something About Mary

The year is 1985 and Ted's (Ben Stiller - The Cable Guy) luck seems to be in when after helping out Mary's (Cameron Diaz - My Best Friend's Wedding) brother Warren (W. Earl Brown) she asks him to go to Prom with her, but unfortunately an accident with a zipper made it a night to remember for all the wrong reasons. 13 years later and Ted still can't get Mary out of his head and after the prompting of his friend Dom (Chris Elliott) hires Healy (Matt Dillon - Wild Things) a private detective to track her down. The only trouble is that whilst Healy finds Mary in Miami he falls for her himself and tries to put Ted off of trying to see her and Healy and Ted are not the only ones who can't get Mary out of their heads as other men also have the same problem and all end up rivalling each other. ... Read Review