Fire Serpent (2007) Nicholas Brendon, Sandrine Holt, Randolph Mantooth, Robert Beltran, Lisa Langlois Movie Review

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Sandrine Holt and Nicholas Brendon in Fire Serpent (2007)

Alien Fire

Jake Relm (Nicholas Brendon) is a young fire-fighter specialising in dealing with woodland fires and who is dealing with the loss of his partner when a flame seems to leap out from a burning catering truck and lift him off of the ground. It brings Jake in to touch with Dutch Fallon (Randolph Mantooth), a former fire-fighter who has managed to drop off the grid, popping back up when ever there is an out of the normal fire event which has put him on the FBI's watch list. It is because of the FBI's interest in Dutch that they call on the help of fire investigator Christina Andrews (Sandrine Holt) to help them quell Dutch's conspiracy as he believes the fire has a life, it wants to survive and it will attack and that agent Cooke (Robert Beltran) is behind a lot of the trouble.

Let me tell you what the most interesting part of "Fire Serpent" is and that is William Shatner is listed as the creator and an executive producer of this made for TV sci-fi movie. Unfortunately beyond that "Fire Serpent" is one of those movies which you can start watching then find your attention drifting off elsewhere as it struggles to grab your attention or come up with anything dramatic or interesting enough to draw it back when it loses it. Now most of the issues with "Fire Serpent" is that it is one of those made for TV movies which doesn't have the finance, the time, the expertise to really do the ideas in the movie the justice that they deserve.

Randolph Mantooth in Fire Serpent (2007)

Yes you did read that right and I say that because when I consider just the storyline to "Fire Serpent" which sees Dutch believing that the fire they are dealing with is something not normal whilst we have an FBI agent on his case there is some potential to it. Okay so there is some familiarity to it as we have Jake the young fire-fighter who starts to believe Dutch may be right whilst Christina from the IFA who begins to suspect the FBI's interest in Dutch isn't as it appears. But the fundamentals of the story are decent enough with some biblical references that a genuinely exciting sci-fi movie could have come from them rather than just one which ends up far fetched and riddled with fake looking effects.

What this all boils down to is that "Fire Serpent" ends up the typically poor sort of sci-fi movie which often gets made for TV. But if you look at the basic ideas of the story there is certainly some potential there to have been something attention grabbing.