LA Apocalypse (2015) (aka: Doomed Planet) Movie Review

LA Apocalypse (2015)   1/51/51/51/51/5

David Cade in LA Apocalypse (2015) (aka: Doomed Planet)

Doomed in LA

Something has happened with the Earth's core and it is now the source of a disaster affecting the entire planet with massive tremors causing chaos and destruction. In LA buildings are crumbling and seams are opening up with the military setting about evacuating the place before the scientists try a radical plan to bring the core back under control. But for Calvin (David Cade - Fatal Defense) he isn't going anywhere until he has found his girlfriend Ashley (Gina Holden - I Didn't Kill My Sister) who he believes is trapped in the basement of her office block. But with all the tremors a detention centre has crumbled and a group of dangerous criminals lead by Carlos Dorado (Kamar de los Reyes) are not just on the loose but have kidnapped Ashley and her co-workers to use as bargaining chips in their desperate plans. With the help of Lieutenant Grisham (Christopher Judge - Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark) Calvin sets about rescuing Ashley and getting the hell out of LA before the place is levelled.

So we have a disaster movie full of weak effects and weak characters, yes "LA Apocalypse", which is also known as "Doomed Planet", sounds just like one of those made for TV disaster movies which crop up once in a while late at night. But it isn't, yes there is some mumbo jumbo about the Earth's core basically going nuclear and causing mass destruction on a global scale and the movie's camera crew getting arm ache from shaking their cameras once in a while but the impending doom of this disaster isn't the movie's focus. Instead the focus of "LA Apocalypse" is on Calvin trying to find Ashley, being helped by Grisham and dealing with the escaped convicts now roaming LA whilst there is a ticking clock as at some point the military are going to level LA. It isn't that exciting and basically consists of running around, one or two fight scenes and as I said the camera crew shaking their money makers to make it look like there are tremors going on.

If not really being about the disaster wasn't disappointing enough the characters in "LA Apocalypse" top this off with none of them being engaging. It isn't really the actors fault, although there is some poor acting going on when it comes to some shaking going on, but the writing makes them all a tedious bunch. In truth bad guy Carlos Dorado ends up the most likeable character for the simple reason that at least he has personality.

What this all boils down to is that "LA Apocalypse" is poor even by disaster movie standards and much of that comes down to it not really being about the disaster and the impending doom but about a young man trying to rescue his girlfriend.