He Knows Your Every Move (2018) (aka: Deadly Hack) Drew Seeley, Rosalie McIntire, Sofia Pernas, Andrew Kai, Alexandria Collins, Carolyn Hennesy, Michael Dean Movie Review

He Knows Your Every Move (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Rosalie McIntire in He Knows Your Every Move (2018) (aka: Deadly Hack)

A Hacker's Obsession

As a video blogger Molly (Rosalie McIntire) relies on her laptop and so when it suddenly breaks down she immediately takes it to a computer repair shop to be fixed. It's not long after leaving her computer at the repair shop that she meets Jack (Drew Seeley - A Friend's Obsession) at her favourite restaurant and it seems that they share a lot of common interests and even find themselves finishing each other's sentences. But when Molly starts to feel like she is being suffocated by his clingy nature she decides they need some space. That is when she finds herself a victim of a hacker when her bank account is emptied and then someone starts posting naked pictures of her online.

"He Knows Your Every Move", which is also known as "Deadly Hack", starts with a series of shots of an attractive woman in sexy lingerie with those shots coming from a webcam. I mention that because every now and then we get more scenes of that attractive woman, Molly, in her sexy underwear and it gets to the point that you begin to expect that every few scenes we will get more shots of Molly in her sexy lingerie. Of course there is a reason for all this as when Molly decides that Jack is to clingy, and not very open when it comes to talking about himself, she finds herself the victim of someone launching an online campaign of terror on her.

Drew Seeley in He Knows Your Every Move (2018) (aka: Deadly Hack)

And the whole point of this is that of course we are meant to suspect that maybe Jack is a stalker who has hacked her computer, yet at the same time we wonder maybe if he really is a nice guy and the stalker maybe someone else such as her ex or the owner of the computer repair shop. The trouble is that "He Knows Your Every Move" is one of those no-brainer movies which you work out what is going on very quickly and then watch waiting for Molly to inevitably end up desperate and in danger. The one good thing about the movie is that it kind of serve as a warning for people who live their lives online leaving themselves open to stalkers who steal information.

What this all boils down to is that "He Knows Your Every Move" ends up an extremely obvious movie and one which relies extremely heavily on the looks of Rosalie McIntire especially when she is in lingerie.