Hidden Crimes (2009) Tricia Helfer, Jonathan Scarfe, Kris Holden-Ried, James Gallanders Movie Review

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Tricia Helfer in Hidden Crimes (2009)

A Crime Carver

With her brother inside doing time, Julia (Tricia Helfer - Operation Christmas) has become legal guardian to her nephew who is finding it tough trying to fit in to his new school. But it seems that her brother, Max (James Gallanders - Mommy's Little Girl), has information which others want which he is not willing to give up and he fears something bad is going to go down so sends a cryptic message to Julia. And it turns out that Max was right as he ends up in a coma whilst Julia's nephew is kidnapped. Now Julia has not only to work out what her brother meant in his message but deal with her nephew's kidnappers.

Attractive people in a TV movie which kind of writes itself is where "Hidden Crimes" fits in when it comes to the big picture. As such it means that "Hidden Crimes" is one of those sorts of movies which tend to get shown during the early afternoon or early evening for the sort of audience who don't want to be challenged too much by what they watch. By that I mean they don't want story complexity or too much in your face violence, blood or guts. And as I said "Hidden Crimes" is the sort of movie which features an attractive cast who are not so attractive they look out of place but look good enough that they distract you.

Jonathan Scarfe in Hidden Crimes (2009)

As for the storyline; well it all starts with a crime and some heavies who want to know where some stolen goods have been hidden. Now as I said the storyline to "Hidden Crimes" writes itself so you can guess that the kid is going to end up kidnapped whilst Julia ends up in danger trying to save the day and maybe along the way the people she believes she can trust may not be so trustworthy after all. In fairness because of the generic aspects of the story it could play out in a variety of ways but all of them are familiar and not in the least bit memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "Hidden Crimes" is a routine TV thriller the sort which might get shown on Lifetime in the afternoon or early evening. For some it might be predictably weak and a little corny but for those who seek out these movies to watch it should entertain.