Seduced (2016) (aka: Missed Connections) Elisabeth Röhm, Jon Prescott, Julie Mond, Robert Mailhouse Movie Review

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Elisabeth Röhm in Seduced (2016) (aka: Missed Connections)

A Killer Red

Ever since her husband passed away Caroline (Elisabeth Röhm - Reluctant Nanny) has had her mind on just two things: raising her teenage daughter, Issie (Jessica Amlee), and doing the accounts for Jason Birch (Robert Mailhouse - The Christmas Pageant), who runs Funderstorm and who is not over keen on paying his staff what he promises, which is why he has the IRS on his back. But whilst Issie is doing a project about missed connections online she comes across a message on a forum from a guy who saw Caroline whilst she was at lunch and decides to set her mum up with this man, the mysterious and charming Gavin (Jon Prescott - Christmas in the City), whose foreign accent helps to quickly seduce Caroline. But despite coming across as wealthy it seems Gavin needs money and wants Caroline to do something for him as he leads her in to a life of danger.

When it comes to that synopsis for "Seduced", which like so many TV moves has an alternative title in "Missed Connections", I left quite a bit out. Early on there is a news announcement about a red headed woman who has shown up murdered and guess what Caroline is a read head. There also seems to be another red headed woman sniffing around Gavin's crib whilst Caroline's daughter Issie has a boyfriend called Noah who is being a jerk as Issie won't sleep with him. So yes it appears that "Seduced" like a lot of TV movies, especially those on the Lifetime channel, has a mix of the obvious and cliche going on and if you don't see the obvious then wait till you have watched a few more Lifetime movies to realise how obvious "Seduced"and those others movies are.

Jessica Amlee in Seduced (2016) (aka: Missed Connections)

The one difference here is that "Seduced" is a movie with a touch of trading places going on as in a typical Lifetime movie it would be the daughter who finds herself getting led a stray by a boyfriend who talks her into sleeping with them, shop lifting, sexting and so on. But here it is the mum who finds herself being led astray by the mysterious charmer who clearly seems not entirely on the level yet can charm even a seemingly level headed woman in to his bed, bath and so on.

But what I will say about "Seduced" is that it certainly tries to back up the title with various suggestively erotic scenes, seeming to have taken its lead from the likes of "Unfaithful" as we have a sex scene in a kitchen and then in a changing room, a bath scene and much more as Caroline falls for Gavin's charms. As to those charms I am not entirely sure what they are as his accent seems to shift from Italian to French in a blink of an eye and he certainly doesn't have a killer physique.

What this all boils down to is that "Seduced" is intriguing because as a Lifetime movie it has an edge you don't always see in their movies. Yet at the same time it is flawed from accent issues to lack of subtlety, sneaking in cliches and contrivances which make it all a bit forced in places.