Hole in One (2010) starring Steve Talley, David Ellison, Dean Cameron, Christopher Showerman, Sandra Lynn Ellison, K.T. Tatara, Jerad Anderson, Jossara Jinaro, Dean Cain directed by Drew Ann Rosenberg Movie Review

Hole in One (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Steve Talley and K.T. Tatara in Hole in One (2010)

Lack of Laughs Stops Play

Eric (Steve Talley) is a player, when it comes to pulling women and also when it comes to hustling on the golf course. But unbeknown to Eric is that when he gets a call to play a couple of gullible doctors he is the one who he is being played and being lulled into a bet he can't pay. Well he certainly pays for it in another way when he comes round from what he thinks has been 2 days of heavy partying to find out the doctors have performed plastic surgery on him and he now has boobs. With his career on the line, the girl he fancies thinking he is a jerk and a redneck repo man trying to track him down to take his car back Eric needs to find a way to sort the mess out.

First things first and to stop any confusion; "Hole in One" is not part of the "American Pie" franchise even though it says on the DVD cover "American Pie plays Golf" and in Spain I believe it is called "American Pie 8". This is purely a stand alone teen comedy with some sex jokes, topless women, crude humour and basically all the sorts of things which wouldn't be out of place in an "American Pie" movie or one of the "American Pie presents" spin offs which starred Steve Talley which also may add to why some think incorrectly that this is an official "American Pie" movie.

Dean Cain in Hole in One (2010)

Anyway with that out of the way "Hole in One" feels like someone thought of a gag about a frat boy golfer getting his life messed up by having boobs but of course having boobs taught him a lesson as to not only how he treats other women but how much the girl he fancies means to him. And whilst basic it isn't the worst idea in the world with some okay-ish sort of jokes surrounding Eric and his boobs. There are also some okay-ish other jokes including an almost good crude one involving hotdog chilli and a graphic description of a bodily function.

But the trouble is that "Hole in One" doesn't gel and has a lot of issues from lack of atmosphere to at times the actors looking like they were adlibbing scenes but not doing a good job of it as those scenes come across as hesitant. Then there is the whole guff about the redneck repo man which on one hand gives us Dean Cain giving a completely daft performance as a redneck with bad teeth but it serves absolutely no purpose what so ever other than a time filler and gives us Dean Cain as a redneck repo man. Talking of which the first half hour is pure time filler with weak teen sex jokes such as one involving a college girl who takes her top off when Eric offers her a new shirt. Yes it gives young boys some boobs to drool over but it is so tossed in there that it is sad.

There is of course the not so small matter of Eric/ Steve Talley and his breasts and on one hand they look like two bits of hard rubber glue to his chest but who ever glued them or fixed them there somehow did a decent job of masking the joins. In fairness there are some amusing jokes surrounding Eric struggling with having breasts including a daft but funny scene involving a pink sports bra but it is clearly obvious they didn't have enough jokes for the idea and the movie is padded out from start to finish with irrelevant humour which doesn't work because it doesn't fit and one gag after another repeated.

What this all boils down to is that "Hole in One" could have been a fun teen comedy with an okay basic idea but unfortunately the end result is weak and flawed on so many levels that you are glad when it is over.