Mommy's Secret (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Charisma Carpenter in Mommy's Secret (2016)

Banker Carpenter

Hair dresser Anne Harding (Charisma Carpenter) hasn't been widowed long and the insurance money from her husband's death hasn't arrived. This is a problem as she doesn't earn enough as a hair dresser because her daughter Denise (Sarah Grey) is a talented high school soccer player but that costs money. On top of that her stepson, Kyle, has got himself in to trouble with a money lender having become addicted to gambling and has amassed the sort of debt which sees people hurt. In order to help Kyle out Anne has got a secret, she is robbing banks for the money lender, trouble is Denise becoming suspicious about what her mum is up to.

As movies shown on "Lifetime" go "Mommy's Secret" is that mix of intriguing, entertaining and ludicrous. On one hand the whole idea of Anne pulling off bank jobs in a less than convincing fake beard is ridiculous as no one in their right mind would fall for the disguise. But then you genuinely wonder how this is going to play out with Denise realising that her mum is a bank robber and is in cahoots with a shady looking guy. You can sort of guess how it might work things out so bad guys get what they have coming to them whilst protective mums get away with things but the set up is different enough to make this made for TV movie keep your attention.

Of course there is a certain level of predictability to "Mommy's Secret", what made for TV movie with a criminal theme doesn't end up with a climactic battle with someone in danger and so. There are also some familiar faces such as Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Grey who in fairness deliver solid performances and in many ways contribute to the movies watch able nature despite the characters having some serious flaws and are typically not overly memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "Mommy's Secret" was more entertaining than I expected with a more original set up than you would normally find in a made for TV movie.