Stolen from the Womb (2014) Laura Mennell, Larisa Oleynik, Sebastian Spence, Tammy Gillis, Corey Sevier, Jeb Beach Movie Review

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Laura Mennell in Stolen from the Womb (2014)

Stolen from the Womb (2014)

Two years after she lost her baby in the final trimester, having already suffered other miscarriages, Chelsey Miller's (Laura Mennell - Laura Mennell) marriage to Jesse (Corey Sevier) is over. But after they had one night together it turns out Chelsey fell pregnant again, which is how she meets Diane (Larisa Oleynik - Remember Sunday) who along with her husband Rob (Sebastian Spence) are expecting their first baby together. When Chelsey suffers yet another miscarriage she doesn't tell anyone but pretends she is still expecting as she plans to abduct Diane's baby when she is due. But Chelsey is unaware that Diane and Rob's baby has a hernia and needs immediate surgery or will die.

There is only one thing which isn't predictable about "Stolen from the Womb" and that is the ending; as in will Chelsey succeed in abducting the baby, if she does for how long and will the baby die. Of course with "Stolen from the Womb" being a made for TV movie you kind of expect a happy ever after ending but basically there are some options as to how the final few scenes could play out including Jesse becoming suspicious of what Chelsey has done when she calls him to say she's had the baby.

Larisa Oleynik in Stolen from the Womb (2014)

The trouble is that what goes on in "Stolen from the Womb" in the lead up to the ending is as typical as it comes. We have a woman who has miscarried becoming desperate for a baby and when she miscarries again she doesn't tell anyone but instead gets those wrap around pregnancy pillows whilst she stalks a pregnant woman she befriends. On the subject of stalking we have the sweet pregnant woman's friend being suspicious of Chelsey leading to there being some cattiness between them. I could go on because I don't remember one genuinely unique aspect of the storyline to "Stolen from the Womb" despite it being based on a true story.

The thing is that whilst "Stolen from the Womb" ends up telling a frighteningly familiar story it tells it in a solid way. The casting is of a good standard with Laura Mennell managing to play the desperate Chelsey in a typical yet not over the top manner. It means whilst she frequently is in another world as she stares off in to the distance she isn't all crazy eyes when doing so. And then there is Larisa Oleynik who whilst having an impact scene, which almost belongs in a horror movie, has to be mainly nice so that we warm to Diane which is easy to do.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Stolen from the Womb" is based on a true story is really typical of this type of baby snatcher movie. But whilst typical it is nicely made and features more controlled performances than some similar movies.