Stolen Youth (1996) (aka: A Friend's Betrayal) Brian Austin Green, Sharon Lawrence, Harley Jane Kozak, John Getz, Katie Wright, Jeremy Renner Movie Review

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Sharon Lawrence in Stolen Youth (1996) (aka: A Friend's Betrayal)

He's Thinking with his Crotch

When her father dies Nina Talbert (Sharon Lawrence) flies home to the town where she grew up to put her father's affairs in order and sell his home. Whilst there she also catches up with her childhood friend Abby (Harley Jane Kozak) who unlike her did the whole marriage with children thing. For Abby's teenage son Paul (Brian Austin Green) he is having a tough time as his parents and his teachers are trying to push him into going to med school where he is thinking of not going to college at all and following his passion for photography. And it gets worse when Paul and Nina start having a relationship which causes major problems when it comes to friendships and family.

"Stolen Youth" to put it simply is as cliche as they come and as such I am going to throw some spoilers in here although you should be able to guess most of how this story plays out. As such we have that classic tale of a younger man falling for a sexy older woman as they really get each other, slowly dealing with that growing attraction between them without ever broaching the subject, going on instinct instead as that is more sexy than talk. Of course this is made all the more complicated by that fact the older woman is a friend of his mother's and as such we have secrets, feelings of guilt and of course the anger which Paul's mother feels when she learns that her best friend is sleeping with her son and they are going to move in together. Yes there are some twists on the norm, Paul's high school friends don't pat him on the back for bagging an older woman but this movie plays out in a mostly typical fashion with a slight soft eroticism to some of it.

Brian Austin Green in Stolen Youth (1996) (aka: A Friend's Betrayal)

But whilst there is little in the way of surprises "Stolen Youth" works thanks to the casting. Brian Austin Green delivers that right mix of hot young man with a mature, sensitive side which you can understand why an older woman could be attracted to him. At the same time Sharon Lawrence does a fantastic job of playing the sexy older woman who hasn't grown set in her ways and is in tune with Paul's feelings. It is a good combination as they draw you in to the drama whilst Harley Jane Kozak is also impressive as the distraught Abby who feels betrayed and disgusted.

What this all boils down to is that "Stolen Youth" is a pretty routine stroll through the drama of a younger man who falls for an older woman. It is pleasant enough and works well due to the main cast but it doesn't deliver anything really out of the normal even when it comes to generating extra drama come the end.

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