2307: Winter's Dream (2016) (aka: The Winter Soldier) Movie Review

2307: Winter's Dream (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Paul Sidhu in Winter's Dream (2016) (aka: The Winter Soldier)


Centuries in to the future the planet has become frozen over, even the once parched deserts are now covered in frost. It is in the frozen wastelands that Bishop (Paul Sidhu) finds himself leading a team, who don't like him, in hunt of a renegade and highly deadly android, ASH 393 (Branden Coles). But trying to outsmart a super intelligent android with super strength is a super difficult task when the nearly inhabitable Earth makes the task all the harder. But what Bishop and his team don't know is that there is an ulterior motive as to why they have been sent on this mission.

Maybe if you are a mega fan of sci-fi movies you may get some sort of enjoyment out of watching "2307: Winter's Dream", which also goes by the name of "The Winter Soldier", but I didn't. In truth I found this an incredibly difficult movie to get in to and whilst I am sure the intention was to create mystery this felt like one of those movies where those making it have forgotten that the audience don't know the story like they do. As such I have to say I didn't fully follow the story to "2307: Winter's Dream" and I have no intention of watching it again to try and make sense of it a second time, once was very much enough.

So what I will tell you about 2307: Winter's Dream is we have the mysterious Bishop, with his annoying inner monologue conversation with, I presume, his dead wife, trekking through the snow to try and catch ASH 393. We get fed some mumbo jumbo when it comes to technology and more mumbo jumbo when it comes to what happened to the planet but none of the mumbo jumbo is engaging in a way that makes you care. Instead the end result of "2307: Winter's Dream" is that once a while the location, styling or camera work stands out as being better than you expected, but it certainly isn't enough to draw you in, unless maybe you really are a sci-fi fan who can follow it more than I did.

What this all boils down to is that "2307: Winter's Dream" is not a terrible movie, visually it has parts which are in truth not that bad and it certainly has a style. But for me I just couldn't get in to the unfolding sci-fi drama, I couldn't engage with the characters or what happens which makes this a frozen wasteland of hard work.