Christmas Princess (2017) Nicole Muñoz, Rosa Blasi, Zak Santiago, Olivia Steele Falconer, Jaedon Siewert, Lina Renna, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Ty Wood Movie Review

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Nicole Muñoz in Christmas Princess (2017)

She's a Princess

Donaly Marquez (Nicole Muñoz - Abducted Love) has had a much tougher childhood than most, she wasn't even five when she was caring for her little brother and sister due to her mother being a drug addict who would leave them in what ever garage she could find to doss down in. It eventually led to a series of foster homes before eventually Donaly and her siblings being adopted by Sara (Rosa Blasi - Teenage Bank Heist) and Ignacio Marquez (Zak Santiago - Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again). But having had such a tough life has left Donaly unsurprisingly negative and so when try outs for the tradition of Royal Court and becoming a Roses princess come up she doesn't believe someone like her, a former foster child, would ever get selected. It doesn't help that Ignacio doesn't want Donaly to put herself though the selection process and face not only disappointment but what success may do to her.

Let me state up front I have never heard of this whole Royal Court, Roses princess business and as such there is a part of "Christmas Princess" that doesn't work for me. As such if like me you have never come across the whole Royal Court thing then be prepared to have parts of this movie which might leave you a little lost. But don't let that deter you from watching it as this is a touching drama based on a true story and like so many true stories "Christmas Princess" is an inspirational one.

Now what you get in "Christmas Princess" is this situation where Donaly tries out for the Royal Court but having had a life where good things don't happen she has doubts. We also see how her adoptive father has concerns fearing both disappointment and what success might do to her, taking her away from both her friends and family. And on top of that we see that her birth mother is watching her from the shadows. Now I could go on and tell you what happens but instead what is more important is this movie brings to life the character of Donaly showing her as humble but troubled, honest and caring whilst also showing that everything which has happened to her has made her the young woman she is. As such in one scene she doesn't diss her birth mother but says that she was the one who taught her to be independent.

All of the above makes "Christmas Princess" many things from being entertaining to touching and emotional as well as of course being inspirational. This is where I do have to say that like so many inspirational TV movies it doesn't always show restraint when it comes to the cliche nature of the inspirational dialogue as well as some of the cliche elements it brings in. It is a shame as it does a nice job of delivering the emotional conflict which Donaly feels and the fears she has.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Princess" is a solid, inspirational made for TV movie which has the power to really touch an audience who are looking for inspiration. But it is a movie which not only feels at times a little too heavy on the cliche elements but if you don't know much about the whole Royal Court part of it might lose you.

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