Dark Paradise (2016) (aka: Deadly Paradise) Boti Bliss, Antonio Sabato Jr., Ion Overman, Jacqueline Lord Movie Review

Dark Paradise (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Boti Bliss in Dark Paradise (2016) (aka: Deadly Paradise)

Bliss in Paradise

Having not spoken to her father since he abandoned her and her mother, Tamara (Boti Bliss - A Teacher's Obsession) is not overly bothered when she learns that he died whilst in prison. What does surprise her is that he died a multi-millionaire having invented a mobile phone component and left every penny to her. With her new found fortune she takes two of her girl friends on an all expenses paid holiday to Hawaii. It is there, in paradise, that they come to the attention of the hunky Dario (Antonio Sabato Jr. - All I Want for Christmas), with a strong Italian accent and a luxury boat. But is this handsome charmer all that he seems, especially when one of Tamara's friends ends up being assaulted, robbed and almost killed.

There is one thing missing from that synopsis for "Dark Paradise", which is also known as "Deadly Paradise", and that is that the movie starts with a scene of a woman diving and struggling while her male companion watches, refusing to help and yes that male companion is the man we meet as Dario later on. Now I know why they did this as they want us to be wary of Dario the minute Tamara meets him but it doesn't work. What it does is rob "Dark Paradise" of the shock when the truth comes out and it fails to put the audience on edge for when he turns deadly.

Antonio Sabato Jr. in Dark Paradise (2016) (aka: Deadly Paradise)

As such "Dark Paradise" ends up one of those movies which becomes a procession to the inevitable danger as Tamara realises that Dario is a deadly slime ball and has to fight to survive whilst of coursing wanting to make him pay for what he has done, rather than going to the police. Unfortunately what goes on before you get to the danger is not that exciting and most of the time you end up distracted by Antonio Sabato Jr. and his thicker than thick Italian accent. Even the pleasantness which is Boti Bliss or the lovely sandy beach locations can't make this any better. And as for how "Dark Paradise" ends up playing out, well ridiculous is the best word to describe it.

What this all boils down to is that "Dark Paradise" ended up a weak made for TV thriller because of everything in the movie is telegraphed with lots of dialogue which of course suggests trouble ahead.