In Old Montana (1939) starring Fred Scott, Jean Carmen, John Merton, Wheeler Oakman, Frank LaRue, Allan Cavan, Walter McGrail directed by Bernard B. Ray Movie Review

In Old Montana (1939)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Harry Harvey and Fred Scott in In Old Montana (1939)

A Yodelling Western

A range war has broken out between a cattleman and a sheep man leading to Cavalry Man Fred Dawson (Fred Scott) and his buddy Doc Flanders (Harry Harvey) being sent to investigate and clean up the trouble. Posing as a travelling medical show Fred soon finds himself in the middle of the trouble. And he is certainly in trouble as when Joe Allison (Walter McGrail) is shot it is Fred who is accused and finds himself in Jail with his only hope being Doc rescuing him before a lynch mob arrives.

I can give you a glimpse of "In Old Montana" by explaining an early scene which sees Doc and Fred travelling to the trouble. As they drive along Fred sings with accompaniment from Doc and the singing involves yodelling and Doc pulling funny faces. Yes "In Old Montana" features a singing cowboy and his comedy sidekick which in truth is not surprising as these partnerships were quite common when it came to late 30s westerns.

The thing is that whilst the yodelling sing-a-long is corny as is a scene where Doc knocks out some Morse code with a broom handle on a wooden chair it is strangely fun. And sadly that initial fun then paves the way for a cliche western storyline of the good guy falsely imprisoned for a shooting and his comedy sidekick having to come to his rescue. There is also in typical fashion an attractive woman involved as well because what 1930s b-western would be complete without the attractive woman. But this does make it incredibly ordinary and whilst there is some action, the sort which appeared to be sped up, it isn't in the least bit memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "In Old Montana" is another one of those 1930's westerns whose appeal these days is not to the fan of westerns but those western aficionados who are looking to watch every western ever made.