Naughty & Nice (2014) (aka: Christmas Mix) Haylie Duff, Tilky Jones, Maureen McCormick, Jim O'Heir, Eric Petersen, Tyler Jacob Moore, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, Catriona Toop, C.J. Hoff, Brooke Nelson Movie Review

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Haylie Duff in Naughty & Nice (2014) (aka: Christmas Mix)

Opposite Attracts

Radio talk show host Pepper Sterling (Tilky Jones - Second Chance Christmas) has a track record for pushing things too far live on air much to the annoyance of the station manager who has had enough of his on air escapades. After really over stepping the mark Pepper's agent arranges for him to leave sunny L.A. and go to work for a studio in rural, and snowy, Colorado until things settle down. The trouble is that he is to co-host a show on local radio presented by the good hearted Sandra Love (Haylie Duff - Christmas Belle), the complete opposite of him and unsurprisingly they clash as she sees him as trouble and he sees her as uptight and controlling.

I am sure back in my teenage years someone sang about "Opposite Attracts" and it seems those who write the scripts for TV movies must have heard the same song as each year a whole array of movies come out which run with that theme. And you can guarantee when you get to the Christmas movie season you will be inundated with them. As such "Naughty & Nice", which also goes by the name of "Christmas Mix", is one incredibly obvious movie as it is another "Opposite Attracts" movie which to me also feels like it is influenced by "The Ugly Truth".

Tilky Jones in Naughty & Nice (2014) (aka: Christmas Mix)

The thing is that this makes my job hard because most people will have come across other movies which use the same antagonistic romantic idea as "Naughty & Nice". And at the same time they will have probably come across movies featuring the city person who ends up in a back water town, initially disliking small town life but ends up liking it. I could go on because "Naughty & Nice" rolls out the cliches which means for those who this movie targets, the "I like TV movie" crowd, it will be another comfortable Christmas movie which doesn't challenge their sensibilities. It will also be another Christmas movie with the appealing Haylie Duff ,who looks gorgeous from start to finish, and works because it matches up with the good nature of her character making her all the more attractive. I write that as a fan of this sort of movie but I know if I wasn't I would write something more along the lines of Duff comes across as so perfect and sweet she could possibly give you a sugar high.

What this all boils down to is that "Naughty & Nice" is just another typical Christmas movie which runs with the whole opposite attracts theme which makes it incredibly obvious from start to finish. But if you don't want to be challenged by what you watch it will be a pleasant distraction.

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