Seeds of Destruction (2011) (aka: The Terror Beneath) Adrian Pasdar, Stefanie von Pfetten, Jesse Moss, Luisa D'Oliveira, James Morrison, David Richmond-Peck, Daniel Bacon, Ben Cotton Movie Review

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Seeds of Destruction (2011) (aka: The Terror Beneath)

The Root of Some Evil

When environmentalists, Kate (Luisa D'Oliveira) and Joe (Jesse Moss), snoop on n underhand deal taking place in abandoned quarry they witness giant, aggressive roots breaking through the surface, causing mass destruction. It turns out that seeds belonging to scientist Frame Marcos (James Morrison), who worked with seeds from the Garden of Eden, have been stolen by an assistant and have been accidentally released. With devestation and destruction happening where ever the roots go, government agent Jack Taylor (Adrian Pasdar - Love in Another Town) tracks down Jocelyn Snow (Stefanie von Pfetten - Too Late to Say Goodbye), a botonist, to not only help him to track down Marcos but also to find a way of stopping these roots before they tear up the planet.

Well I give writers Mike Muldoon and Paul Ziller some credit as whilst killer plants has been done before I don't remember having seen a disaster movie involving mega roots tearing up the planet. And to be honest having people running around trying to find some way of preventing these roots from destroying the planet makes a change from meteors hitting the planets or storms which threaten to create a new ice age and so on.

Stefanie von Pfetten in Seeds of Destruction (2011) (aka: The Terror Beneath)

But whilst "Seeds of Destruction", which also goes by the name "Terror Beneath", gives us a different set up and even manages to reference the bible with all this starting when Dr. Marcos got his hands on a seed from the Garden of Eden what happens is actually pretty standard. We have government agents trying to get to the bottom of things, the heroic expert called in because it is a matter of national security as well as a couple of young teenagers/ adults who have got themselves involved and will inevitably end up helping the expert. It is all typical as are the special effects which firmly reside in the realms of being a made for TV movie. But that means that if you enjoy these made for TV disaster movies, which are a lot of fun nonsense, then you will enjoy this one too.

As for the acting well what can I say. Well I hate to say it because Stefanie von Pfetten is not a bad actress but it feels like here she has been cast because of her eyes especially as her character doesn't really call for much acting. Then again not a single character in "Seeds of Destruction" calls for the actors to extend themselves and I would love to be on set on one of these movies to see if the actors do burst in to laughter after delivering some of the cheesy dialogue that they find themselves saddled with.

What this all boils down to is that "Seeds of Destruction" whilst having a different set up to the norm, with these giant roots wreaking havoc, the end result is just a typical made for TV disaster movie with the usual array of characters, events and special effects.