The Sender (1998) Michael Madsen, R. Lee Ermey, Robert Vaughn, Dyan Cannon Movie Review

The Sender (1998)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Shelli Lether in The Sender (1998)

Send it Back

Back in 1965 Dallas Grayson's (Michael Madsen) father vanished when his plane encountered a UFO whilst flying over the Bermuda Triangle, although the entire event was covered up. But now many years later with the plane recovered some strange things start to happen around Dallas's daughter who has been able to tap into her own psychic ability thanks to a mysterious angel who contacted her through her Sender gene. It is Lisa which becomes of interest to the military who kidnap her leading to Dallas and this angel working together to try and get her back.

"The Sender" starts with an entertaining little Bermuda Triangle sequence as we witness strange things going on back in 1965 and shortly after this we have a chase scene in the present day. These two action sequences capture your attention but also send out the warning signals as if a director needs a double dose of adrenalin to grab you at the start it typically means what to come is going to be pretty poor with only later action scenes working. And yes that is the case in "The Sender" because after a double dose of action what follows is ridiculous nonsense which does nothing to grab your attention.

So why not? Well the storyline just drifts along, feeding us dialogue to explain the story and then when the director has got bored trying to explain things he tosses in another action scene in to the mix or focuses on how attractive Shelli Lether is as the angel. That is it and sadly it is not enough to maintain attention in those who need more than seeing a car flip over due to an explosion.

What this all boils down to is that "The Sender" is a poor movie and one which does little other than toss one action scene at you after another. In truth it is what you expect when you come across the movie but even then it is a waste of time with little to make it worth spending almost 100 minutes on.