The Mistletoe Inn (2017) Alicia Witt, David Alpay, Krzysztof Bryjak , Rhonda Dent, Lucie Guest, Benita Ha, Ken Lawson, Shiren Van Cooten Movie Review

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Alicia Witt in The Mistletoe Inn (2017)

Writing A Christmas Story

Aspiring romance novelist, Kim Ross (Alicia Witt - Christmas List) finds herself dumped by her novelist boyfriend just before Christmas. It leads to her setting out to prove to him and also herself that she can make it as a writer. And to start with books herself into the Mistletoe Inn in Vermont where they are running a retreat for writers. No sooner has she got there than she finds herself meeting Zeke (David Alpay - Sleigh Bells Ring), who is also there for the retreat and who ends up being her assignment partner despite them being opposites. Being forced to work together leads to Kim and Zeke becoming close which leads to an interesting turn of events as Kim's ex happens to be at the retreat as well.

It isn't even December yet and I haven't watched or reviewed as many Christmas movies as I have in past years, yet for some reason "The Mistletoe Inn" didn't do it for me and made me wonder if I was already facing Christmas movie burn out. Maybe the problem is that "The Mistletoe Inn" features one of those Hallmark romantic comedy storylines which are generic in the fact they could have been used in a Spring, Summer or Fall movie and beyond the seasonal decorations and Christmassy background it doesn't really feel that Christmassy. Don't get me wrong as the usual array of beautiful Christmas decorations, wintery clothes, snowy scenery and festive music is lovely, it just feels like it is there as backdrop rather than being part of the story.

David Alpay in The Mistletoe Inn (2017)

As for what actually goes on in "The Mistletoe Inn", well as I said there is some thing a bit generic about it and that starts with Alicia Witt playing yet another quirky, face pulling character whilst David Alpay does confident nice guy with ease, whose banter as Zeke to wind up Kim has that fun, playful edge to it. But it all feels too ordinary and routine compared to the other Hallmark Christmas movies with the one thing which could have made it stand out, a mystery surrounding an author, ending up taking too much of a back seat to all the usual Hallmark stuff.

What this all boils down to is that "The Mistletoe Inn" is a pleasant enough Hallmark romantic comedy which if it had been set at another time of the year might have entertained me more. But sadly with it being set during Christmas it doesn't really bring out the magic of the season like other Hallmark Christmas movies do and that lets it down somewhat.

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